• AmoreDates.com is a direct dating service that allows members worldwide to mingle online in a low-pressure environment.

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AmoreDates.com Review

AmoreDates.com is an international dating community that connects singles looking for matchmaking, live chat, and romantic adventure. Singles from around the world can go online to meet matches from Eastern European countries. Long-distance dating is made interactive on AmoreDates.com with features built to get the chat flowing. Romantic singles can explore a selection of dating tools to find their match on AmoreDates.com, including profile view, action-packed 'faces', live messaging, mail, and more. All members who register on AmoreDates.com have the opportunity to discover just what they are looking for.


AmoreDates.com delivers non-stop dating activity to a membership of singles who seem positive and upbeat when it comes to finding love. Instant communication is the key to success on AmoreDates.com, and the service offers a range of fast-paced features for the purpose of bringing singles together. There is no charge to register or search the membership of singles on AmoreDates.com, but once members are ready to start talking they do need to purchase credits to use the chat features.

Search & Advanced Search: The main way members search on AmoreDates.com is by carrying out a quick search by age (with a checkbox to show validated profiles). Those members looking for something more precise can use advanced search to zoom in on their perfect match based on country, city, language spoken and other criteria. Whichever method is used to search, members will generate a list of ideal partners once they click the 'show matches' button.

Deluxe Profiles: Members create a high standard of profiles on AmoreDates.com based on the recommendations set by the dating service. High quality photos, in-depth personal information and videos means that everyone visiting a profile gets a good idea of what that person is like. Profiles are free to view, although private photos and videos require an account upgrade.

Validated Status: A validated status is available on AmoreDates.com so that members can bring greater trust and safety to their profiles. Once a member has confirmed their email, they receive a validated mark of approval on their profile, which also qualifies them for special offers.

Who Viewed You?: Upgraded members gain access to a very handy feature which keeps them notified when members take a look at their profile.

Chat Now: Instant live chat is one of the standout features on AmoreDates.com as it brings members together in direct real-time conversation. It is possible to start chatting to all members online by visiting their profile and clicking on 'Chat'.

Mail: The Mail feature can be used to contact all members who are offline. Writing and sending a message with photos is a good way to invite matches to a chat, who can respond by replying.

Winks: If you want to show interest in another member on AmoreDate.com then the free Wink feature is a cute way to do it.

Stickers: All chat features have the added bonus of Stickers, which can be included to bring fun and excitement to online messaging.

'Like Her' option: The 'Like her' option is available to members on any profile. By clicking 'Like her' a member can reveal their interest and inspire communication with a match. Once the button is clicked, the member in question will be informed.

Flowers & Gifts: Sending real flowers and gifts is a traditional option on AmoreDates.com, and can be used by members to make an impact. The gift range on AmoreDates.com includes fresh flowers, spa gift vouchers and other options.

Arrange a Date: Real dates are the ultimate conclusion to any online contact, which is why AmoreDates.com provide members with the opportunity to send date requests. To send a date request, members need to spend 625 credits. If the member says yes, then arrangements can be made and the date set up. If a member declines the offer of the date, then it will not be arranged and no credits will be charged. An additional feature is that members can request contact details for free if they have spent 3,000 credits or more.

Safety & Security

AmoreDates.com believes that privacy, safety and security are of the utmost priority. The dating service carries out profile verification and marks each verified profile accordingly. AmoreDates.com also clearly display its terms of use, privacy policy and information on refunds.

Customer Service

The customer care department of AmoreDates.com can be contacted by members who wish to ask questions, make requests or register complaints. To get in touch with customer care at AmoreDates.com, members can log in to their profile and use the contact form, or alternatively send an email.


AmoreDates.com is free to join, carry out searches and browse profiles but members must upgrade to use other features. After exploring the website, members can purchase credits for the chance to discover everything the site has to offer. Buying credits lets members use communication features and view private photos and videos. All new members of AmoreDates.com can purchase 20 credits for $9.99, which they can use to start dating fully. Features are charged at different rates, and include the following charges:
10 credits first letter, 30 credits subsequent letters
Chat costs 2 credits per minute
Meeting request – 625 credits
25 credits to view a video

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