• JollyRomance is a cheerful dating service dedicated to helping members around the world find 'the one' from a membership of matches located in Eastern Europe.

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JollyRomance.com Review

JollyRomance.com was launched to help members around the world find their ideal match located in Eastern Europe. Every relationship starts with a conversation, which is why JollyRomance.com focuses on chat features to get dating and romance off to a sunny start. The positive, friendly and secure dating service has gathered members who are looking for the best quality matchmaking with a verified membership of serious singles. JollyRomance.com delivers effective and user-friendly features that bring couples together in a relaxed and proactive way. Serving clients for more than 10 years, the dating service knows how to make members happy and help them find what they are seeking. JollyRomance.com brings all members the happiest way to date and the chance to meet a lifelong partner.


The JollyRomance.com platform gets members started with a fast or advanced search before they move on to sharing conversation with those who interest them. A range of features is available including instant messaging and video dating that ensure all members can interact however they wish. This full range of features is the complete way to experience dating on JollyRomance.com; those wanting to find a long-term relationship should aim to try all kinds of communication. JollyRomance.com is completely free to use and a search can be undertaken without charge. However, members will need to buy credits to try all features available.

Search – Instant & Advanced: Members can find matches using instant search, which includes basic details such as age. A more advanced search can also be carried out by members who want to narrow their search down further using country, city and other details. Whether an instant search or advanced search, members just choose their specifications and click 'show matches' to view their most compatible members.

Profiles (including videos and photos): JollyRomance.com profiles are packed with quality photos and videos that deliver a great insight into the member it belongs to. Viewing profiles, public photos and personal details on JollyRomance.com is free but members will need to upgrade to access private photos and videos.

Validated Members: To ensure a higher trust rating, JollyRomance.com operates a validated status for members who join. If a member takes action to validate their account, then their profile gets a special approved status. Such validated profiles are more popular and trusted by other members, and are also eligible for offers and promotions. Members wishing to confirm their profile simply need to activate the validation email sent by JollyRomance.com.

Who Viewed You?: JollyRomance.com gives members a good insight into their admirers by letting them see who viewed their profile. It's an active way to bring members together.

Chat Now: Members can easily start their conversation on JollyRomance.com by using the convenient chat feature. There are two steps to chatting – 1. Visit a member's profile 2. Click the chat button (credits required). Members can also revisit their chat history.

Mail: If a member is not available online then they can be contacted using the handy mail feature. A message can be written (with or without photos), mail sent and replies received.

Winks: Free winks are a jolly way for members to show interest in a match. It's a sweet and simple first introduction.

Stickers: Chat messages can be made more attractive by attaching interesting stickers to grab the attention of a match.

'Like Her' option: A great way to signal interest in another member is by clicking the 'Like her' button on a profile. Once the button is clicked, the member will be notified of the interest in their profile. Members can see who clicked their 'Like' button via the profile statistics.

Flowers & Presents: If a member would like to surprise their match they have the option to arrange delivery of flowers & presents to them via JollyRomance.com. A match is sure to appreciate such a gesture and they will love receiving gifts such as flowers, cuddly toys, and other items.

Arrange a Date: Members hoping to take things further with a match they have been chatting to can request a real date. To be eligible for a date request, members need to spend 625 credits. If both members approve the date then it will be confirmed, otherwise the date will be rejected and no credits charged. Contact details can also be exchanged for free if members have spent 3,000 credits or more.

Safety & Security

JollyRomance.com places the importance of safety and security at the heart of its experience. The dating service makes sure that the privacy is protected for all members registered on the site. A profile verification system is operational on the service and all verified profiles are displayed as such. The JollyRomance.com privacy policy, terms of use and refund policy is shown clearly on the website.

Customer Service

Customer care is central to the JollyRomance.com experience and members can get in touch with questions or concerns at any time. They simply need to log into their account and complete a complaints form to register their issue with JollyRomance.com. The customer care team at JollyRomance.com takes all complaints seriously and aims to respond within 48 hours.


JollyRomance.com is open to all members for free registration and profile viewing. If a member wishes to take things further by communicating with other members then they can purchase credits that allow them to use the chat services. Buying credits will also let members view private photos and videos inside profiles. Communication is very easy once members have purchased credits. The smallest priced package on JollyRomance.com is $9.99 for 20 credits, and this option covers all features and exclusive profile content. JollyRomance.com charges each feature and service at varying costs depending on its complexity or value added status:

Chat costs 2 credits per minute
10 credits first letter, 30 credits subsequent letters
Meeting request – 625 credits
25 credits to view a video

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